Blast Off! Launching Children toward Educational Discoveries in God

2018 FCA STEAM EXPLORATION CAMP - Registration is NOW open!

(Please Note: The STEAM Exploration Camp will be offered for the summer of 2018 for students entering grades 1st - 8th grade.)

Prepare for take-off for a stimulating launch through the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Here, students discover and experience God's designing hand through interactive, inquiry-based learning experiences designed to help enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills.No week is the same!

If you have any questions about the STEAM Exploration Camp, please contact us.

FCA Steam Exploration CampScience: Explosions, Gardening, Discoveries, Agriculture, Food
Technology: Game Design, Coding, Building Apps, Research, Creativity
Engineering: Laws of Physics, Design/Create, Structures
Arts/Culture:  Plan, Design, Shape your World
Math: Skill building, Aeronautics, Music


  • Power up in the Garden: Participants have a special opportunity this summer as we establish our new FCA Garden, sponsored in part by a grant from the Whole Foods Foundation. Our children will learn about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, agriculture, horticulture, ecosystems. In addition, students will have opportunities to grow their own miniature garden to take home!
  • A Trip that Leads to Heaven: All aboard! God wants to take you on a fabulous journey. He wants you to get on the train bound for glory through His grace, His gift, His Gospel, and His glory! 
  • Out and About Activities: STEAM-friendly field trips throughout the Metroplex.
  • Video Game Design  Discover the excitement of building mobile games. Students will learn to build and program games for computer and mobile devices. This course has no prerequisites other than a desire to make games!

  • How Cool is That? Take a learning adventure around the world of Chemistry, Engineering, Robotics, Math and the use of Technology.  This course offers hands-on-minds in science that is guaranteed to blow your child’s mind!

  • Soul Train – Rhythm and Grooves: Want to learn to record songs, make your own music and beats? Well turn the volume up and find your beat at the coolest stop in camp! This course is designed to help students make connections between music and technology.

  • LEGO some STEAM! This hands-on solutions session will ignite children’s natural desire to explore and discover. Students will learn subjects in an array of exercises through language, math, science, technology, and engineering while improving and developing their 21st-century skills, like problem-solving, collaboration and communication.
  • Podcast This! Students bring their own recording devices to learn speaking and interviewing tips to record and edit audio for podcasting and then publish on our STEAM Youtube Channel. 

  • Hour of CODE - Students rapidly learn fundamental programming concepts as they animate characters, fly drones, control robots, and publish apps.

  • Math Origami: In this course, students explore and learn how mathematical engineers use origami to inspire creativity!

  • Rapture Force: The forces of lift, thrust, drag, and gravity influence the flight patterns of birds and are the same parameters that must be considered in the design of aircraft. Students are exposed to the overlap in an engineering concept to the discoveries that can be made by studying birds capable of hovering, gliding or steep diving in order to build an aircraft that will extend in distance, speed, and gravity. In addition, students will design their own mini rockets to launch. 

  • Digital Story Telling: In this course, students will learn writing techniques using digital media and other methods to wow their readers! Students learn to author, design and create their own interactive pop-up posters and/or books using characters from the four Gospels to write Christian fiction.

  • Dessert Oasis! Our dining car is in line with our exciting STEAM journey.  Team members will create yummy and interesting treats and learn the science behind the tasty and sometimes weird creations on the journey.

  • Destination Fashion-ation: Your fascination with fashion will be quenched when you reach destination fashion-ation! From dresses to sneakers, to super hero emblems, explore why design, engineering, and style are important to making this destination a memorable stop! 

STEAM Exploration Camp Details


 Breakfast 7:30-8:00
 BEFORE CARE 7:30-8:30
 Camp Sessions 8:30-3:30
 LUNCH 11:00-11:30
 EXTENDED CARE  3:30-5:30

Camp Sessions 

June  4-8


Power up Your Mission

Acts 1:8

Becoming a Planet Shaker

DRONE Week!  Rocket Launch

June 11-15 


Inside Out

Matthew 15:17-20

Being Pure Starts from Within

 Oozing Science, Dissecting the Brain

June 18-22


The Fantastic 4

John 3:16

God's Grace, God's Gift, God's Gospel, God's Glory


June 25-29




Who May Attend
STEAM Exploration camp is open to any student entering grades 1st - 8th in 2017-2018 school year.

What to Bring
Children who attend the camp should wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for hot Texas summer days. Shorts, jeans, and tops are appropriate for most camp activities. Some children may feel cold in air conditioning, so they should keep a light sweater or jacket handy. Some camp activities may require special apparel (field trip tee shirt) or supplies, such as a bathing suit, cover-up, towel, and sandals. On those days, parents will be notified as to what the student needs to wear.

Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are included in the camp program. On field trip days, students may need to pack a sack lunch. Parents will be notified.

If you are new to our registration process, create a family account in our online registration system. Save your username and password as this will allow you to print receipts for tax purposes. If your child has attended an FCA summer camp in the past, please login with the email address you used to establish your account. If you have questions regarding registration, please contact us at 214-672-9200 or you may email us. Space is limited, so register now to secure your spot. 

As a ministry to families, the STEAM Exploration Camp is priced at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for similar programs. Our tuition is $275 for each session.  Groups of 5+ $200 per week. The camp fee must be paid in full prior to the start of each session. 

Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your registration selections. A welcome packet will be sent to the email used during registration and will include attachments that will outline all the necessary information needed for STEAM Exploration Camp 2017. This information will include pick-up/drop-off instructions, what to bring to camp/class, etc. If at any time you need to reach us, please call 214-672-9200

Any visitor on campus, including parents, must present a valid ID. OCBF security will be present during carpool times as well as monitoring the campus throughout the day. Please adhere to the security standards set forth in the communication you will receive your welcome packet, which will be sent via email and in your attachment after registration.


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