21st Century Learning

Providing a superior education in the 21st Century requires an ongoing commitment to excellence in every area and a relentless pursuit of what works best as we engage our students in critical and creative thinking and the use of technology for inquiry and sharing information.

FCA is actively engaged in ongoing staff development to ensure that our teachers are well-equipped to help each of our students achieve his or her highest academic potential.


As international competition increases for jobs that are rapidly transforming, students need to develop 21st Century literacy and skills. These literacies include:

  • Global Awareness
  • Financial understanding
  • Economic knowledge base
  • Business 
  • Entrepreneurial understanding
  • Knowledge of Civics
  • Media
  • Awareness of maintaining health and wellness


Twenty-first Century skills include critical thinking and problem-solving strategies, communications strategies, creative and innovative thinking, fluidity in adjusting to contexts, media skills, and strategies for collaboration.

In addition, 21st Century schools must impart personal and social skills such as leadership, ethics, personal productivity, self-direction and social responsibility.



June 6 - August 9 - FCA Summer Camp
July 30 - New Parent Orientation
August 12 - Meet the Teacher Night (K - 8)
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