Middle School

In the middle school, the FCA curriculum utilizes one-to-one technology, provided by the school to help students transition to a more learner-centered environment in which they are expected to take responsibility for their learning. We offer a modified block schedule that allows students to meet with each teacher a minimum of three times a week while still maintaining a homeroom anchor teacher. Over the course of grades six through eight, students will have the opportunity to take the following courses:

  • Math: 6th Grade Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I. We are beginning a progression in 2014-2015 that will allow selected students to take Geometry in 8th Grade.
  • English Language Arts: Our progression is reading-and-writing rich and allows students the opportunity to complete English I credit in 8th grade.
  • Social Studies: In 6th Grade, we study World Language and Cultures from a biblical worldview. Students in 7th and 8th grade complete a 2-year cycle that includes American History, Texas History, and Civics.
  • Fine Arts: Students may take Theater Arts, Art, Advanced Art, or they may enroll in Fine Arts lessons through the Fine Arts Institute.
  • Technology: Students are provided with a laptop or tablet that requires them to engage through technology throughout the curriculum. They also take technology classes to advance their skills.
  • Robotics and other co-curricular: Our middle school offers a rich array of opportunities in the middle school including Robotics, Visioneering, Youth & Government, Yearbook, and Athletics. These help students hone STEM knowledge and skills, critical thinking abilities, presentation skills, teamwork, collaboration, and leadership.
  • Weekly Chapels: Once a month, our middle school students provide leadership in school-wide chapels. On the other weeks of the month, our middle school students attend a chapel service that is attuned to address and promote their moral, spiritual, and cognitive development.



October 19 - 4th - 6th Grade Volleyball Game
October 22 - Red Ribbon Week - Jersey Day
October 22 - 6th - 8th Grade Volleyball Game
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