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As an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) accredited school, FCA joins an international family of over 24,000 schools educating 5.5 million students in 108 countries around the globe. The Cardus Education Study (a measurement of student outcomes) shows that students who attend ACSI schools are more likely to be successful in college; to be active, giving church members; to spend time in prayer and reading the Bible; and to be involved public service. To learn more about the results you can expect from an education at an ACSI school, please explore these resources.  Watch our video below to see if FCA is the place you want your child to discover, advance & soar! 



FCA, A place where your child can ....Discover, Advance & Soar!

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FCA "Share the Story": Former Students Speak



September 18 - Toddler Portraits
September 19 - Early Childhood 2, Elementary, Middle School Portraits
September 20 - Early Childhood 3 Portraits, NORTH TEXAS GIVING DAY
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