Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

The 2018-19 Fall/Spring session runs from September 3, 2018 to May 17, 2019.

FCA Students:

FCA students can enroll in the program using the registration link on the Fellowship Christian Academy website or by contacting the Fine Arts Coordinator. Once your registration is processed, the registration fee and tuition deduction will be made via the SMART Tuition system.

Non-FCA Students:

Non-FCA students can also enroll by completing the Fine Arts Registration Form. Again, this can be accessed from the Fine Arts page on the Fellowship Christian Academy website. Once the form is received, you will be sent an email link to pay monthly tuition online.

Mid-Year Enrollments:

The process of enrolling mid-school year is the same as above. However, new students can only be enrolled during the first week of the month. After the first week, new registrations will be held until the first week of the following month.




September 18 - Toddler Portraits
September 19 - Early Childhood 2, Elementary, Middle School Portraits
September 20 - Early Childhood 3 Portraits, NORTH TEXAS GIVING DAY
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